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Thursday, November 10, 2016

If only there were some way

Every four years, scads of (generally washed-up) celebrities "threaten" us with the promise that if X (you know, the guy with the 'R' after his name) wins the election, they are going to abandon these United States.

And then, when he does, they never do.

If only there were some way to induce them to keep their promise.

Additional thought:

Notice that they *never* promise to flee to Mexico, which is full of Mexicans, but rather to Canada, which is full of white people. I guess they must be racists.


K T Cat said...

Just Lena Dunham. Just her and I'll be happy.

OK, and maybe Cher.

Ilíon said...

How about, if we can't send her to prison, where she belongs, Hillary as ambassador to Libya?