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Saturday, May 23, 2015

One year later

Some punks broke into my house yesterday (the Friday before Memorial Day). A neighbor caught them; I understand that three of the four are in custody, and that I'll be able to get wgatever of my belongings the police recovered on Tuesday (the offices aren't open on weekends or holidays).

Last year, someone broke into the house on the Friday following Memorial Day. I was able to figure out, for the trail they left, who it was. But, nothing ever came of that. Those guys made a mess (a think every sheet of paper in the house was tossed), but they didn't destroy things. This set of punks deliberately destroyed things.

Edit (2015/05/27):
Please pray for my neighbors who discovered the future Democratic voters breaking into my house, and indeed, helped the police capture them. The Young Democrats have already been released (the oldest may still be in custody, it was unclear from what the Crime Lab woman said to me) ... and they have already retaliated against the neighbor. So far, they've injured one of their dogs. I fear they may try to injure the boy (who is small for is age, and is only one, not a mob), or try to set their house on fire.

By the way, I *still* don't have my property the police recovered. I had taken Tuesday off to get it -- because the officer had indicated to my neighbor that I'd be able to get it -- BUT, he hadn't told anyone at the police department that it was OK to return my property to me ... and Tuesday was his day off.


Nick said...

So sorry Ilion! The sense of violation with a break in of one's home is (or can be) devastating. Glad they caught most of the perps.

Ilíon said...

I'm still feeling devestated from the breakin last year.

Also, my internet connection isn't working very will. Perhaps they damaged the modem. I couldn't even connect to the router, so at the moment, I'm directly connected to the modem.

Nick said...

My sympathies and prayers are with you. God bless.

Ilíon said...


I can't even cut the grass, and it really needs it: both the riding mower and push mowers are gone (and presmably at the police station).

My circular saw (to replace the old stolen last year) is still here, but the drill (ditto) is missing. So, if I were to buy a new door today, I'd have to buy a nre drill and other tools so I could hang it.

The older I get, the more I despise human beings. I'm so glad I'm not one.

Ilíon said...

The threw my linens into the toilet! They broke one of the glass panes out of the pocket door between the foyer and the house proper, and the door is off its track (I guess they were probably too stupid to figure out how to slide it into the pocket)

Nick said...

In general, I've come to despise (actually hate) most humans. The state of the world only leads me to contempt for my fellowman and a loss of faith in humanity.

I wish I could expand my love beyond the small circle of friends and family I really do care about. Only by the grace of God will I be able to say that I can and will.

It sounds like the burglars in your case were more than just looking for gain, they were practicing malicious evil as well, to hurt you directly as a person, to inflict harm and emotional distress upon you, as a way of getting high on their acts of destruction.

B. Prokop said...

You need to move.