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Monday, May 25, 2015

A way I'd never thought to put it

'News' at Uncommon Descent: In case you wondered what difference Darwinism was making to popular culture
Oh, and this: Evolving a More Nurturing Capitalism: A New Powell Memo:
Is it possible that evolutionary theory can explain how the U.S. came to have the highest levels of child poverty and economic inequality of any developed nation?
Hmmm. A lot might depend on what “child poverty” and “economic inequality” mean in context.

Canada shares the world longest undefended border with the United States. But we almost never get starving Americans asking for refuge.

I'd never thought of that particular response to the leftist lies about "poverty" in America. But, it's so obvious, once it's pointed out.

I mean, I'm aware that people are always trying to get into America, and that you never see people desperate to get out of America. But, I'd never thought of the issue specifically with respect to Canada (*) -- why, if America is the hellhole the leftists insist it is, do we not see masses of refugees trying to flee into Canada, which we are always being told is the paradise we need be emulate?

Shoot, even in Detroit, which is a hellhole, and which is just a bridge-crossing away, you don't see refugees trying to get into Canada.

(*) confirming a common Canadian complaint about Americans that we just don't think about them, or theor whole vast country.