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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The 100

Lastnight, I watched the pilot for an apparently new (supposedly) science-fiction TV series called 'The 100' on Hulu.

My assessment: It could be a good and interesting series, as it starts with an interesting concept, but it won't be. And it will have next to no relationship to science fiction. What it *will* be is just one more excuse to parade "hot young bodies", and the sort of constant, stupid and pointless "drama" that immature women love, across the TV screen.

If you happen to watch the episode, ask yourself: Are *any* of these characters believable (*) as 16-18 year old kids who have spent their entire lives in a culture for which the only punishment for any crime is death? Is the brunette Trouble-Making Bitch believable as a 16 year old girl who has spent her entire life being hidden in her mother’s apartment - who, until she was discovered and imprisoned, has known at most three other persons in her entire short life?

Right after the semi-crash landing, the Tyrant-in-Waiting reveals that he is the Trouble-Making Bitch's brother. It's easy to miss, but someone in the background exclaims: "No one has a brother!" The meaning of this is that in this society, each woman is allowed to have just one child; her mother's violation of that "law" being the reason that the Trouble-Making Bitch had to be kept hidden, why she was imprisoned after she was discovered "hidden under the floor", and why he mother was "floated". But think about this: no society can last even one generation unless its women generally have at least two children.

This show is going to be just another compendium of all the stupid, counter-factual things that "liberals" love to believe, and to which they try to force reality to conform.

(*) The Cute Blonde, and the Black Kid who loves her, are just about believable.


Drew said...

Man, I'm like 5 minutes into it and it seems horrible.

Ilíon said...

I watched it all the way through. There is so much more about it that I could criticize than I did.

Drew said...

For what it's worth, I thought the first episode did get better toward the end. And I've also watched the next two episodes. Aside from the unrealistic premise, the show is kind of interesting.

Ilíon said...

I've been too busy to watch any more of it. But, on your recommendation ;) , I'll try to catch up.

I can deal with the "unrealistic premise". What I object to is that the writers don't stick to the premise (that's a problem with most shows). The bigest example of that (and, again, this is true of most shows set in alternate worlds) is that the characters aren't *of* those alternate worlds. Rather, they're really just visitors from a certain sub-culture of our world, namely "liberal" "counter-cultural" baby-boomers.