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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Libertarianism of the day

Gentle Reader may recall that I have said more than once that any time push comes to shove, almost every libertarian will automatically side with the "liberals" and hard-leftists. This is because most libertarians *are* leftists ... they just don't want to admit it, even to themselves.

They even "reason" excatly like open-leftists do.

This is my response to that OP:
"However, Lockman's sexist, anti-liberty views on women is a perfect example of why I generally hate conservatives or right-wingers motivated by loony religious beliefs."

Are you stupid? No, you're not stupid.

Are you ignorant? I don't see how that can be the case, as you know the quote and its context.

The only other option is that you're intellectually dishonest -- you "don't understand" what he said because you don't want to follow the logic ... therefore, you misrepresent the whole incident.

The man is not advocating rape -- and you *know* that he is not. As you well know, he is performing a reductio ad absurdum on the "logic" of the pro-abortionists.


Nick said...

So, when "push comes to shove" on taxes or Obamacare, libertarians will side with "liberals and leftists?

Nick said...

As I pointed out in the very post you link to:

"Of course, to "liberals", anything anti-government, anti-tax or remotely "libertarian" is extremist, so you can pretty much dismiss a great deal of what the "liberal" who wrote the piece said."

How that equates to "siding with hard leftists" is beyond me.