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Sunday, September 29, 2013

So, Bertolli is out

Adweek: Bertolli Makes the Most of Barilla Chairman's Anti-Gay Comments - Pro-gay posts in social media

So, apparently Barilla's chairman recently said that his company would never use "gay" "couples" in its advertising -- and, being a pussy, quickly backtracked when the Borg of Leftism, Inc got word of it and started their utterly predictable shrieking.

OK, that was bad enough -- I mean, the cowardly caving, not the initial comment. Look, it's not that difficult ... if you don't "have the courage of your convictions", then don't express them in the first place.

But, then, along comes their competitor, Bertolli, to join in the Leftist piling-on.

Fine, Bertolli; you've made your stand.

Here is mine: you products are not welcome in my house.