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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PZ Myers is spot on

Shadow to Light: Does Richard Dawkins Defend Pedophilia? -- “... PZ Myers is spot on when he observes that Dawkins['] position on pedophilia “sounds like something out of NAMBLA.”

Where was ol’ PZ ten years ago? Somehow, I can’t quite seem to squech the suspicion that there’s a reason he’s admitting this *now*, rather than then. In case Gentle Reader is unaware of it, the Gnu Atheists are presenty going through a period of self-cannibalization ... as is inevitable with groups of humans who insist upon denying reality and actual morality in favor of a contrary-to-reality "morality" that is based upon nothing more than political force and compulsion.

Dawkins is clearly try to cast pedophiles as the victims. Am I wrong?

It's of a piece with his false worldview and false anthropology -- which he admits, in public writing, that he himself doesn't even believe.

Adult hang-ups?? Let’s get this straight. Some old man exploits some situation where he decides to touch, grab, and handle the genitals of a young child. If you think that is not just wrong, but very wrong, it’s because you have an “adult-hang-up.” And it is your “adult hang-up” that keeps you from understanding that since the child was not violently raped, nothing truly bad actually happened. In fact, what’s truly bad is that you have over-reacted because of your “adult hang-up.”

That's "liberalism" (i.e. "soft leftism") for you -- the immoral/criminal aggressor is always "the real victim", and the more so the more immoral and perverted the act, whereas those who dare to judge/condemn the act are the "real" aggressors.

This topsy-turvy black-is-white mindset is on display everywhere the leftists are actively working to overthrow traditional social understandings and norms. For example, not only can a "gay" person not help his/her sexual attractions (which belief is at least plausible, whether or not it's true in fact), but is helpless to resist expressing those attractions, and thus deserves sympathy (*) and *approval*. Meanwhile, if *you* disapprove of the public flaunting of and expressing of those attractions, you're a vile "homophobe" -- who *can* choose to be otherwise -- who deserves public censure and condemnation, and political/legal prosecution.

(*) that is, not sympathy in the sense of pity for suffering from a psycho-sexual abnormality, borne of an understanding of one's own broken nature, but sympathy in the sense of fawning celebration.

Make no mistake, in just a few short years, the leftist-atheist alliance will be giving the expression of pedophilia the same treatment they are currently giving the expression of same-sex attraction -- and *you* will be the vile, immoral criminal for trying to protect children from sexual predators.