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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Living in the past

The other day, I happened to read some article (as I recall, it was a publication, not merely a blog post) in which some hypocritical "liberal" (that's a redundancy, isn't it?) opined about Paula Deen's persecution that she is "living in the past".

And, you know, maybe she is ... if she expected fairness and justice from her fellow "liberal" sock-puppets of the leftists.

Anyway, I can't find the article I'd read, but I did find this Facebook comment, which has the virtue of expressing its irrationality in a few sentences, rather than taking many hundreds of words to assert the same thing. Here is the comment and my response to it --
Ajibade Fasina-thomas:
Paula Deen should be pitied. She is living in the past. In fact, she needs a psychological deliverance. She probably doesn't know the United States of America has a sitting BLACK President in the White House. Poor sod.

Let's see -- *she* used the word 'nigger' privately 30 years ago [it was actually 26 years ago, in 1987] in reference to a black thug who had put a gun to her head. Whereas *you* seem to imagine that because there is now an AFRICAN interloper occupying the White House -- whom she actively and openly campaigned [to put there] -- that her use of a slur 30 years ago about a thug who had been threatening to murder her means that *she* is "living in the past."

Really! Just who is "living in the past"? Just who "needs a psychological deliverance"? Just who is truly the "poor sod"?

Still, I have no sympathy for the woman personally -- she is a "liberal" and she actively worked [for years] to bring about and empower the immoral "liberal" political culture that now finds it convenient to destroy her.

Update -- Paula Deen's Robber Comes to Her Defense