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Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'd raather spread memes than genes, anyway

Via Shadow to Light --

Richard Dawkins (in prissy 'posh' Brit accent): (at the 4:03 mark) "As for me, I'd raather spread memes than genes, anyway." -- this is the same fellow who, not so long ago, expressed the odd opinion that Pope Benedict's life has been a pathetic waste ... because he'd missed out on lots of sexual activity.

In other words, while Dawkins now (*) claims that he'd "raather spread memes than genes, anyway" (**), and that's a good and noble way to live, if Benedict spends his life "spread[ing] memes [rather] than genes, anyway", his life is a pathetic waste.

(*) the same Dawkins who claims that the desire for, and expectation of, sexual fidelity is somehow immature ... and immoral.

(**) but, of course, spreading your genetic material everywhere, with persons not your spouse, as Dawkins advocates and which practice he apparently has long-since enthusiastically embraced, is not quite the same thing as "spreading your genes".