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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The reason 'liberals'

The reason that "liberals" lie so easily to you and me is that they lie so readily and constantly to themselves.

Gentle Reader may recall that I had described a "liberal" (female) co-worker's reaction to using the very same logic by which "liberals" intend to eviscerate the Second Amendment to argue for a non-liberal position.

Now, keep in mind, she had trotted out the standard "liberal" talking points -- you know which I mean, I don't really need to repeat any of them here: "We don't want to take away anyone's guns", "We don't want to trample anyone's rights"; "We just want some *reasonable* restrictions on guns".

Yet, the other day, when I asked a (male) co-worker whether he knew anything about this incident, of which I had seen only a headline, she expressed the opinion that there was problem at all with it -- she explicitly said it sounded reasonable to her. And well, after all, even aside from the scary picture of a gun involved, it is merely a man-and-father being trampled upon by "law enforcement".