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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The barbarian/aggressor is always the "victim"

In "liberal" "logic", whether it's a confrontation between a violent (so-called) woman and a man trying to keep the peace (as in the video here), or a confrontation between a violent and aggressive black and a white just trying to go about his business, or a confrontation between un uncivilized punk and an adult upholding civilization, the violent, aggressive, barbarian is *always* the "victim", while the defender of civilization is *always* the "aggressor", who must be publically slapped down. -- "The security guard who became an internet sensation after posting videos of himself fighting crime at downtown’s Metro Mall was arrested late Thursday afternoon and charged with battery."

No society can survive what our rulers are intentionally doing to us.


Rupert said...
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Ilíon said...

Thank you [banned person] for adding to my readership stats, but the fact remains that you, and your obscene bilge, are not welcome here.