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Saturday, November 3, 2012

'Liberals' are hypocrites

Gentle Reader, and all right-minded persons, need to get this fact firmly planted into their minds: "Liberals" are hypocrites.

It's not merely that "liberal" politicians are hypocrites; it's not that *some* "liberals" are hypocrites; it's not that *most* "liberals" are hypocrites. It's that *all* "liberals" are hypocrites. And their hypocrisy is firmly rooted in their "liberalism" -- which, anyway, is mostly all about how wonderful in all ways they themselves are (in contrast to you!) -- and mostly serves the purpose of protecting their "liberalism" from rational/critical scrutiny.

Now, this is not to say that all "liberals" are hypocrites in the same ways, or about the same things, or to the same extent. Some, like the politician Harry Reid of Nevada, are massive hypocrites; and coincidentally "hate filled", as they like to accuse conservatives of being.

Even someone like Victor Reppert, who is a good man, mostly, is a hypocrite with respect to preserving his "liberalism" from critical evaluation, and with respect to living out his "liberalism". For example, with respect to living out his "liberalism", and something I've needled him about since I first read him making the complaint: Victor Reppert, good "liberal" that he is, insists that "the rich", whatever that is supposed to mean, should be forced to "pay their fair share" -- which is to say, no matter how much in tax monies is being forcibly extracted from "the rich", it's never enough, for they can never, ever be said to be "paying their fair share". At the same time, Victor Reppert bitches about the amount of *his* taxes.

That is not only an example of hypocrisy, it's also an example of the studied stupidity (that is, hypocrisy-of-reasoning-and-learning) that "liberals" need to employ to protect their "liberalism". Think about it: if your politics is premised on the righteousness of making "the other guy" pay more in taxes, and you're bitching when it turns out that you're "the other guy", then, non-exhaustively:
1) you don't really think it's righteous to compel "the other guy" pay more in taxes; but you did find it politically expedient ... until you turned out the be "the other guy";
2) you refuse to learn that the problem is in the premises of your politics;
3) because you refuse to learn the truth about your politics, your politicians, such as Harry Reid, are going to continue to use you as a tool.