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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Allen West Won… For Now

Bob Parks: Allen West Won… For Now -- the commentor RoseRRR links to a .PDF of the Saint Lucie County election results. She says: "I’ve only looked at the first two pages, but it seems to report a voter turnout of OVER 100% in every one of the 94 jurisdictions except for one, resulting in an average turnout of 141.10%.

I’ve never reviewed elections reports before, but I am mystified by these results. If something is so off here, what must be going on in the OTHER counties in Florida? And by extension, what about the rest of the country?

I have never been one to engage in conspiracy theories, and I acknowledge my personal grief over Tuesday’s results leaves me looking for answers, but WTF is going on?

What's going on is Demorcatic Party election fraud -- as has been going on at least since when Kennedy stole the Presidential election from Nixon ... and Nixon, knowing full well that his "defeat" was a fraud, kept quiet about it "for the good of the country".

All that is different is that the Democrats are more open about it now, and are doing it on a more massive scale.

I understand why Nixon kept quiet, "for the good of the country", about the Democratic Party (and Mafia) vote fraud which gave the "win" to Kennedy. I understand why he reasoned that it would be worse for the nation if the citizenry-as-a-whole were to understand just how easily the Democrats could steal a national election than for him personally to not become President.

Yet, the fact remains, we are here today -- where Democrats openly solicit and accept illegal foreign campaign contributions, where Democrats openly count the "votes" of non-citizens, where Democrats openly practice voter intimidation against actual US citizens, where Democrats openly boast of having "voted" multiple times, where Democrats openly manufacture "votes" -- in large part because Nixon chose not to expose and fight Democratic election fraud then.

The Ninety-Nine Percent

West challenges results as Florida declares vote-tally over amid recounts and irregularities


Drew said...

I don't get it. Is this for real?

Ilíon said...

What don't you get? That Democratic "wins" are frequently the result of vote fraud? That the "voter turnout" frequently exceeds 100% of registered voters in Democratic-controlled localities?

That Kennedy stole the 1960 election? Or that it was open knowledge, even at the time?

Ilíon said...

Is it that you don't get how "Allen West Won ... For Now" became "West Loses ... Won't Concede"? That was Mr Parks' changing headline.

Ilíon said...

Is it that you don't get the facts as recounted in the Washington Times report to which Mr Parks links? Oh, man, that's just a mild sample of what has gone on around the nation.

Drew said...

What I don't get is whether this is actually a real statistic, or how people could possibly accept such a result. It seems like it must be a mistake.

Ilíon said...

Ah! What you don't get is the fact that people refuse to know those truths that they do not want to believe, or do not want to act upon. You know, similar to what you're doing right now, and exactly like what you have done with respect to the US Constitution making a distinction between 'citizen' and 'natural born citizen'.

Ilíon said...

"Ah! What you don't get is the fact that people refuse to know those truths that they do not want to believe."

Do you know understand that con artists rely upon this truth? The people who are fleeced by con artists willingly cooperate in their own victimization.

Ilíon said...

That 141.10% "voter" turn-out that 'RoseRRR' mentions is from a document available on the website of the St. Lucie County Board of Elections

This is hardly the first report of more votes cast than registered voters (and which results seem always to favor the Dem candidate). There have even been instances of more votes cast than total adult residents.

Drew said...

Yeah, I already saw the document. It just makes me wonder whether there was some sort of data-entry error. If not, then obviously the vote should be overturned.