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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Missing Richard Widmark

Kathy Shaidle: Missing Richard Widmark

I'm not crippled, though my mother was; so, I am confident that I understand, as well as any able-bodied person can, what living as a cripple is like.

And, I totally agree with the comments of "FFF’s resident crippled correspondent".

"Genuinely disabled people like the blind, Paralyzed, severely retarded etc. are not helped by wasting resources on the faux cripple. In fact the only people helped by our current state of affairs are the tax sucking bureaucrats, lawyers and “service” providers who are merely bilking the system."

A widespread, and particularly obnoxious, example of this is the reserved "handicapped parking" spots. Pay attention to who parks in those spots -- they are almost never actually disabled persons. They are almost always the "faux crippled" who get themselves declared "disabled" purely for the benefit of the reserved parking.


Chris said...

I am that crippled correspondent and I wanted to tell you I hav been following your writing since you were a regular commentor on John c wrights LJ many years ago. Keep up the good work

Ilíon said...

Hello; welcome to ny little corner if the interwebs. Thank you for your kind remark.

I have an amusing story about my mother -- when I was a kid, this bratty semi-bully from across the street was at our place. For whatever reason, he got mouthy with my mother; I suppose he thought something like, "What's she gonna do? It's not like she can catch me." Little did he know that she could catch him ... just because she needed crutches to stand and walk didn't mean that she couldn't run with them. It was so funny!