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Sunday, October 7, 2012

As far as it goes

One of those "gamers" who claims to be a Christian: Debasing marriage -- There are more ways to lie, to deceive others (or oneself), than simply to say what is not-true. And, in fact, the "best" lies, the ones that most successfully deceive their audience, are those which say nothing that is in itself false.

What this 'Dalrock' always seems to forget to mention is that men created and promoted and cheered-on and empowered 'feminism' and the so-called Sexual Revolution. And it wasn't *just* the ivory-tower leftists who did this; Joe Average -- the very same Joe Average who is now bitching about the wholly predictable result -- was also willingly complicit, and continues to be, in the training up of whole generations of American women to be disposable tramps, to be nothing more than sterile masturbatory aids to his passing whims.

These "manosphere" whingers are forever bitching because "there are no good women left to marry" -- by "good" they mean both "hot" and "chaste" (*) -- even as they assert for themselves the need and the (moral) right to "test drive" any women they are "dating", so as to ensure that they are "sexually compatible", before actually maybe thinking about marrying her, someday, if the creeks don't rise.

In other words, they don't want to marry one woman and limit their sexual expression to her alone: they want unfettered and indiscriminate access to one of the benefits of marriage, without any of the concomitant costs or commitments.

Even before the term "dating" came to almost always mean "engaging in pre-marital sex with", "dating" wasn't about marriage -- the word for that is 'courting'. Even in the supposedly more innocent 1950s, the most innocent meaning "dating" ever had was "let's 'hang out' and see what happens" ... as though it hasn't been very well known, since about the beginning of time, what happens when men and women, not married to one another, "hang out".

(*) But "hotness" and "chastity" are polar opposites.


In case Gentle Reader has not yet understood why I go on about the damnable hypocrisy of the "gamers" of the "manosphere" (*), consider this short post by 'Dalrock': Mentu’s moving vasectomy post ... and especially the "moving" post to which the title refers: Vasectomy Part 1.

(*) I mean, even aside from the fact that "game" is intentionally constructed on a false, and indeed wholly imaginary, anthropology: "evolutionary psychology".