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Saturday, November 12, 2011

'Intellectual Curiousity'

The point of curiosity is to learn something, is it not? Isn't it curious that the hive-minded and self-congratulatory "intellectually curious" amongst us seem never to learn anything?


Joan of Argghh! said...

"Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."

Intellectual gluttons.

It would be different if they ever actually formed a question in their own mind as a result of their orgiastic quest for more knowledge. But they do not question, they merely absorb more and more as a matter of pride in their intellecutal epicurianism.

To find truth, one must be aware of a hunger for it. If one cannot recall the gnawing ache of real hunger, nor the fast-breaking savor of the merest drop of honey on the fasted tongue, then even the tastiest morsels become a dull vanity at best.

Ilíon said...

One of the morbidly amusing curiosities about the proudly self-proclaimed “intellectually curious” is that they seem to imagine that saying to someone has (or believes he has) an answer and an understanding that they despise, “Oh, well! But you’re not ‘intellectually curious’” is both a put-down of him and a refutation of is answer (or alleged answer).

When one critically examines this little dance so as to determine or understand its meaning, one sees that what “Oh, well! But you’re not ‘intellectually curious’” actually means is this: “The fact that you believe you have an answer is proof not only that you do not have the answer, but that you haven’t even asked the question”. This is just another way of asserting post-modernist nihilism.

Oddly enough, perhaps even curiously enough, “Oh, well! But you’re not ‘intellectually curious’”, seems never to be applied to the shibboleths favored by “liberals” and other leftists.