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Sunday, October 23, 2011

No limits on self-defense

Vox Day: No limits on self-defense -- I totally agree (which doesn't happen often) with Vox Day's expressed opinion on this.

Moreover, consider this (NYC Cashier Who Beat Customers Claims Self Defense):
Video recorded by a customer showed two furious women vaulting a counter to attack McIntosh after some sort of dispute.

McIntosh grabbed a metal bar and fought back with savage force, continuing to deliver crushing blows even after the women were incapacitated on the floor.

The video begins *before* the beat-down. What are the odds? How often do people just randomly film other people placing their orders at McDonald's?


Foxfier said...

Goodness, what a coincidence.

Betcha that McD's doesn't have any more situations like this.

Ilíon said...

As I understand it, the McDonald's store has fired him -- perhaps we all should boycott all McDonald's stores.

Much is being made of that the fact that he is a former convict, as though that diminishes his right to defend himself when attacked.

He *tried* to walk away from the confrontation -- which is generally how men try to deal with irrational and violent behavior from women. Unfortunately, that turning away tends to goad that sort of woman into explicitly physical violence, as happened here.

Foxfier said...

I couldn't tell, from the video, that they were women-- they sure acted like normal, idiot thug boys.

Sure, he went overboard, but that's what you do in response to unprovoked physical attacks.