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Monday, August 15, 2011


There are three types of 'ignorance' to be found among human beings:
1) simple ignorance -- which may be corrected; another term for this is 'honest error';
2) incorrigible ignorance -- which cannot be corrected; another, more crass, term for this is 'stupidity';
3) willful ignorance -- which will not be corrected; at its worst, another term for this is 'intellectual dishonesty'.

One may reason with the man who is simply ignorant, who is in honest error; one may be able, in patience, to reason with the man who is stupid (*); one cannot reason with a man who is on the spectrum from disinterested in the matter to actively hostile to understanding it.

(*) For, it is probably the case, not that his ignorance really is incorrigible, but rather that it takes noticeably longer for him to properly understand new concepts than it does the average person. It is my firm belief that stupidity is more a function of the so-called stupid person's frustration at his slowness coupled with the impatience of the less stupid persons in trying to deal with that slowness, than it is of an actual impossibility of that person learning/understanding.


Aragon123 said...

Apparently, though, "The whole truth" cannot be bothered to spell out precisely how Ilion is all of those things. This tells me something.

Aragon123 said...

Nice little blog you've got here, BTW. You've got a terse, no-nonsense writing style that many Christians would be wise to adopt in certain situations.

Ilíon said...

"Nice little blog you've got here, BTW."

Thank you; and welcome to my blog.

"Apparently, though, "The whole truth" cannot be bothered to spell out precisely how Ilion is all of those things."

The truth-is-not-in-him is a “troll” who leaves pointless screeds and attempted insults, despite that I’d informed him when he crossed the line that I’d delete them without reading them. As he has already shredded his right to post anything here, even were he to say something substantive, I’d not know it, because I consciously do not read his bilge before deleting it.

As this batch were short, I couldn't help but see their content as I deleted them – and so, I did notice that, once again, he has expressed his fixation on, and fascination with, my penis. That seems to be the take-home message in all this. I don't knoe, perhaps this is how “trolls” flirt.