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Sunday, August 21, 2011

An attempted refutation

Has my "YOU are the proof that God is" argument been refuted, after all? I mean, really refuted, logically? I mean, hell! so far, all the "refutations" of it I've seen have been mere assertions that there *must* be a fatal flaw in it ... since the conclusion is "wrong".

I am confident that the answer will be no; after all, it's not as though I didn't myself do my best to find a flaw in it long before I posted it. I'm also relatively certain, based on past "refutations" of it, that this attempted refutation will involve assertions of scientism (whether consciously made or not), and of hidden or unrecognized assumptions, and quite possibly of question-begging.

While I haven't yet read it, and have only partially skimmed the comments made to it, I present for Gentle Reader's consideration a post by Elizabeth Liddle, which she says will demonstrate a fatal flaw in my argument.

But, I pray you, tread gently in the comments section of her thread, for much of the commentation is, well, sad.

When I've had time to read and think about Mrs Liddle's argument, I'll post an analysis of it, showing (at least some of) her error in reasoning. Or, per impossibile, acknowledging that my argument was itself in error.


Larry Tanner said...

I didn't see much to recommend your argument, either.

Ilíon said...

I'm crushed!

I also know that you will never present any rational-and-logical argument against my argument; no more than Mrs Liddle did.