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Monday, March 15, 2010


An Anonymous poster on Edward Feser's blog made an amusing comment which I wish to share with Gentle Reader:

First, the context of the remark is that Mr Feser had linked to this ubiquitous video:

And Anonymous' comment was:
This gave me a great idea for a video game/movie/parody. People in a small town in the mountains of Pennsylvania must use their guns and religion to survive the zombie apocalypse. The zombies mutter slogans like "change" and "hope" and shamble about, but rather than eating a person's brains, they go for their pocketbook. Once deprived of their own money and reduced to living on federal aid, these people become zombies as well.


cathy said...

Too, too funny!

(Thanks -- I needed that!)

James Nicholas said...

Seems more true each passing day.

Ilíon said...

How appropriate that some blogbot left its/his links (which I've deleted) in this thread. Though, I suppose they were left here simply because this is the most recent thread.

MathewK said...

If it weren't so close to reality, it'd be funny.