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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Parable of the Satellite Dish

Doctor Zero: The Parable of the Satellite Dish

The Parable of the Satellite Dish

Imagine a large condominium complex is meeting to consider a package deal with a cable TV company. Over eighty percent of the condo owners have their own satellite dishes, and are quite happy with the service. Some of them don’t bother to watch television at all, preferring to rent movies from Blockbuster or Netflix for entertainment. However, the condominium Board of Directors says they’re getting a lot of complaints from the residents who don’t have satellite dishes, demanding the condo association purchase a cable TV package, and fold its cost into the monthly homeowner dues.

The homeowners already pay extremely high dues, and they’re not happy with the quality of service they receive. They also notice that most of the people clamoring for cable television aren’t even homeowners – they’re renters, so they don’t pay the association fees directly. The condo owners already host regular movie nights at the clubhouse, which also has a well-stocked library, so no one is truly starved for entertainment. Still, the owners feel guilty that anyone has to make do without TV service in their home, so they invite a cable company to give them a sales pitch.

There is more, of course.

Now, the thing is, the very fools in the body politic who are salivating over "health" "care" "reform" would never stand for such a situation with respect to mere entertainment. Apparently, far too many people care about having choice about incidentals ... but not so much about liberty. And, such folk are not only not jealous of their own liberty (see the Founding Fathers if you do not understand that), but are quite resentful of *my* liberty.


cathy said...

BFD Communications Excellent!

Free people do not accept restrictions from which their government is exempt. This is one of the differences between leaders and rulers. Not so funny, but also excellent.

cathy said...

I am, however, still partial to the Great Ice Cream Compromise parable I read somewhere around here...

Ilíon said...

Well, the Great Ice Cream Compromise parable is a more general parable, a meta-parable, if you will.

Also, do you know what the "BFD" refers to?

Ilíon said...

The Gaffe-o-matic (that’s Biden) recently performed a vital public service when he announced to all the world that the "health" "care" "reform" bill was (and I quote) "a Big F***in' Deal!"

So, we have --
TR -- the Square Deal
FDR -- the New Deal
Truman -- the Fair Deal
Zero, The Won -- the Big F***in' Deal

Ilíon said...

These "Deals" seem to going downhill in quality.

Another thing to notice about all those "Deals" is that they see the (purported) citizen as standing in the relation of a supplicant to, and client of, the federal government.

kh123 said...

I'm just waiting on the Victory gin and cigarettes.

cathy said...

Yes, I'd heard about Biden's "slip" -- and that it's become something of a 'family joke' in the administration, rather than something for an adult word of apology. Just one more reflection of their arrogance, poor impulse control, and basic crudeness. :(

But that BFD Communication did make me hoot! :)

cathy said...

Ah, the ever-tasteful Left.

Ilíon said...

The Leftists are both ever-tasteful and ever-short-sighted -- for, the *other* (and primary!) meaning of calling something a "BFD" is denegrate it as being of no account and/or contemptable.

So, yes, let us all agree: the "health" "care" "reform" pseudo-law is, indeed, a "BFD."

MathewK said...

"....but are quite resentful of *my* liberty."

I know the hardcore ones really are resentful and quite angry that many of us are free. But when it comes to the stupid ones, i think they're more resentful of everyone else's wealth and just want as much of it as they can get. I don't think they understand freedom and liberty.

Ilíon said...

Well, yes. It's always envy and resentment, in one form or another, which motivates leftists ... and "liberals."