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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Of Catses & Meeses

I wish to share with Gentle Reader an excerpt from a recent post by Deborah Gyapong --

Miss Gyapong's full post is here, and I found it via Kathy Shaidle (and, as usual, I commend the entirety of both posts to Gentle Reader). I think that even if Gentle Reader is unaware of the context or back-story of these posts, he can get something important from them. And, if Gentle Reader is not aware of the back-story, he really ought to make himself aware -- his liberty, and his very life, are at stake. Even if he's not a Canadian.

Catses & Meeses
OK– imagine: There is a big cat around, which most of the mice are afraid to mention, let alone ponder belling. Some of the mice are even into denying the existence or intent of said cat, and consider the concerned mice or pro-bell mice to be dangerous trouble-making catophobes (technically speaking, Ailurophobes). Even mentioning mice freshly eaten by the cat causes outrage and fear: better just blame those crazy cat-conspiracy mice for bringing it up.

The cats change, but the cowardly mice are always with us, seeking peace with the cat; cat-denial; blaming other mice; writing books about how all the cats are actually the best friends of mice, and are gravely misunderstood. The save-your-ass at the expense of others instinct; the feeding of other mice to the cat, hoping you might be last; the half-conscious denial of the whole cat-problem. Can you say “Peace In Our Time” with kindly Herr Hitler? Meanwhile, the dead mice pile ever up, lives needlessly sacrificed, in various ways and for various noble-sounding reasons, but no less dead.

This is another, and more "polite" way -- while still being more visceral -- to talk about the point of 'Noìli's Custom Ice Cream Shoppe'


kh123 said...

"Self-suppression is the most cost-effective form of tyranny. Or as Andrew Klavan says:

'The whole way liberals work is to redefine manners and morals in such a fashion that conservative common sense automatically becomes hateful. If you note that women and men are different, you’re misogynistic. If you denounce the destruction of marriage in black communities, you’re racist or moralistic. If you call for the defense of America against the world-wide Islamist menace, you’re a bigoted warmonger. If we take this garbage seriously even for an instant, we spend our whole lives playing catch-up, saying sorry, going on defense.'"

Subtle (and not so subtle) encouragement of self-suppression (self-censorship) has been a popular bit of snakeoil that Hollywood and journalists have been hoisting on the public for quite awhile. The ironic thing is: Posterity will marvel that the general populous actually paid for and watched propaganda-disguised-as-morality-play... quite voluntarily.

The Roman Empire at least made it's bread and circuses free for the people. Soviet indoctrination was, at least, provided for by the State...

Quite a few Christians buy into the morality message of relativism and "good manners" as well. Just take a random cross section of church going folks who think that "religion ought to stay out of 'science'", the church shouldn't speak out about socially destructive behaviors ("moral and factual opposition to...", of course, that's off limits - but they can openly declare fealty to those behaviors, esp. homosexuality, with alcoholism, drug abuse, and CHUD fondling somewhere in 2nd place...)

Or, one of my personal favorites: The church shouldn't divide over truth and heresy, or over the factual basis of their Book (since debate, disagreement, and fact checking - those were good enough for the ancient and barbaric Bereans, but it's just... ach, such a burden for the modern SUV-age community-outreach dog-and-pony light show mega church. I mean, who's supposed to read, study, and cross check all of that anyhow? What are we, Jews? Psssh...)

Etc, etc.

In any case, was a good read. First time I read the Ice Cream Shoppe story as well. You should write dialog for scripts.

kh123 said...

... And, maybe that last slap is a bit too harsh on the church. There are alot of folks within the body who do good, mean well, who do know their Bible/faith, and who can tell the difference between an ace and a spade.

Ilíon said...

"... You should write dialog for scripts."

That would be hard work (and I've become lazy).