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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Similar to the distinction between knowledge and wisdon which I recently posted, I've just read an excellent contrasting of humility to what it is not, which I wish to share with my lone reader --
"The humble person does not think less of himself. He merely thinks of himself less."

This is followed by a CS Lewis qoutation which expands upon the idea expressed.

Also, I recommend to Gentle Reader the context in which that comment was made, Matteo's post called 'We Played The Flute For You, And You Did Not Dance; We Sang A Dirge, And You Did Not Mourn,' in which he discusses a recent foolishness of the fool, PZ Myers.

===== Bonus Post =====

Ah, I see that Gentle Reader misunderstands: when I call someone a 'fool,' I assuredly am not calling him 'stupid.' That is the schoolyard misunderstanding of the term -- to call someone a 'fool' is to make a moral assertion about him (as witness the anger with which those who incorrectly think that 'fool' is a synonym for 'stupid' spit out the accusation), specifically, that he lacks intellectual honesty.

A fool is a person who knowingly and willfully says or acts in a false manner, consistently.

A fool is a person who is intellectually dishonest; a fool is worse than a mere liar -- for the liar lies episodically, whereas the intellectually dishonest man, the fool, lies systemically. The liar lies about some specific thing, whereas the fool lies about the very nature of truth.


kh123 said...

Ah, "Pass the Zyklon" Myers - what a guy.

Always interesting how those neutral evolutionary researchers are always delving into theological matters. And here I was, actually believing their PR about how "science" (a great codeword for pagan evolutionism) is separate from - and has nothing to say about - "religion" (yet another great codeword for Judaeo-Christianity).

For the record, I think Pissy Myers is more involved with his self-assigned role as blogger extraordinaire for the Evolutionist Workers' Party rather than busying himself with being... well, an actual scientist, doing operational scientific things (you know, like finding a cure for cancer, engineering better polymers for product use, discovering a clean fuel source for the auto industry to use, etc).

But then again, maybe in his mind he truly is being a scientist when he goes on those drinking-binge rants against IDers/creationists, on that lovable undergrad blog of his (Phyrangulass): It's in the silversmith's best interest, after all, to rally up a mob whenever those pesky monotheist Jews show up in Ephesus - they tend to put a dent in the idol industry.

The silversmith thing... I wouldn't say it otherwise, since I think this sort of thing's to varying degrees within the science community at present - some are ardent cult priests, others follow the party line but not aggressively so, and some are sort of sidelined into the nether regions of "inconsequential" - kind of like Jews permitted to hold basic jobs or functions within the Reich. PZ can take the distinguishing role as political agitator/propagandist/commandant.

Still, it's hard not to miss the golden calf in that camp. Papa Zorro helps to bring it to the forefront with his lovable godless posts.

Ilíon said...

Well, you know, Saint Chuckie's great tome was a metaphysical and theological work -- shoddy metaphysics and theology, of course, but that's what it was.