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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Why Is America Doomed?

 This image, or rather the mindset that prompts people to post and re-post it, illustrates *why* America is doomed -- 

In case the image isn't enough to get my point across, I shall spell it out -- "America is doomed because even the 'conservatives' are fools."

Recently, on GAB, someone posted that image.  I replied with: "The alleged soon-coming "military tribunals" would be unConstitutional."

Within minutes, a couple of people with whom I'd never had the least interaction "informed" me of my "ignorance", gloated that I'd soon find out (apparently, to my woe) how wrong I am (*), appealed to Lindsay Graham as "proof" that "military tribunals" are coming, called me a "troll" ... and blocked me.

Read again the simple sentence (and fact) I'd written in response to that image.  Is not the reaction I have described *exactly* how the "woke" mob reacts when they encounter a statement they don't like?

Here are some things to keep in mind about these long-promised "military tribunals":

1) The idea is 'copium' -- 

1a) People have been banging on this silly drum for the past four years: "Military Tribunals are just around the corner!"

1b) The top brass of the US military has *always* been mostly time-servers, and since the illegitimate Obama administration, the leftists have been purging the brass (and most recently, the troops themselves) of anyone who is not on-board with the leftist "woke" agenda;

1c) No one is coming to save us.  If we are to be saved politically, we must do it ourselves ... starting with submitting to Christ; BUT, submitting to Christ is the one thing that most people in the world, including most Americans, will continue to refuse to do;

1b) Any "military tribunals" that may ever happen will be initiated and conducted by leftists. So, they won't be targeting pedophiles as per the promise of the tweet captured in the image;

2) In the American system, the military is subordinate to the civilian authority, and so if the "military tribunals" these fools keep going on about ever were to happen, that would prove that America no longer exists.

(*) And ending that with "Maranatha!!!" of all things!


LW said...

Thanks for educating me on tribunals. I've heard they were coming and thought the post was legit. My bad!

Ilíon said...

LW, welcome to my dusty little corner of the internet.

Ilíon said...

LW, keep in mind that "military tribunals" have no legal authority to adjudicate on (civilian) criminal law.