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Thursday, January 11, 2018

The made-up pronoun game

All the recent made-up pronouns, just like all the recent made-up "genders" -- and the on-going efforts to criminalize the refusal of sane persons to go along with it -- are leftist passive-aggressive assertions, heavy on the aggression, of power over the language, thoughts, and minds of others.

In a recent post, Who needs truth?, Vox Day quotes from a Washington Post article, including this snippet
To Haidt’s point, a scandal erupted in the fall in Canada when Lindsay Shepherd, a graduate teaching assistant for an introductory communications course at Wilfrid Laurier University, played a video clip in which Jordan Peterson, a controversial professor, declared his refusal to address trans students by their preferred gender-neutral pronouns.
The thing to which I wish to draw Gentle Reader's attention is the fact that even if one insanely agrees to go along with the leftist power-play scam, one does not *address* another person by any of these made-up pronouns. In English, the pronouns by which one *addresses* other persons are either the second person singular ('you') or the second person plural ('you') ... both or which are, as one can clearly see, already and intrinsically "gender-neutral pronouns".

Even centuries ago, when English did still have multiple second person pronouns, those pronouns were already "gender-neutral"; the distinctions they drew were not between sex, but between number on the one hand, and social status -- formality vs familiarity -- on the other.


K T Cat said...

So where does it end? What if this is all a mask for declining birthrates which arise from men finding other ways than wives to satisfy their needs?

Did you see this?

Ilíon said...

I hadn't seen that particular article. But, for years now, the leftists in the media periodically trot out their "The Sex Dolls Are Coming" stories, and everyone dutifully says, "Ewww!" ... and the leftists take note of the strength of the "Ewww!" this time as compared to the other times. For the *point* of these stories is to "normalize" (as they say) this perversion.

It's kind of funny, in a not-ha-ha way: most people in western societies (and I include women in this "most"), even married people, are *already* treating other people as though they were mere sexbots. So, using real sexbots would be a step toward honesty.

Ilíon said...

... to be explicit: it would still be a disgusting perversion.