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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Eyelessness in Blind Cave Fish is Due to Epigenetics

Cornelius Hunter at Darwin's God: Blindness in Cave Fish is Due to Epigenetics

I have long wondered whether this were the case. Specifically, I phrased the wonderment as: "If Mexican Blind Cave Fish were to be bred for some generations in a lighted environment, would they "spontaneously" "evolve" functional eyes?" So far as I know, no one is even attempting such an experiment. But, if the eyelessness of Mexican Blind Cave Fish is indeed controlled by epigenetic factors, as the recent paper purports to show, then the answer to my question is "Yes".


Nick said...

I'm reading Dr. J. Scott Turner's new book, "Purpose and Desire, What makes something "alive" and why modern Darwinism has failed to explain it".

He writes: "Could it be that birds fly, not becuase they were the lucky beneficiaries of exaptations that enabled them to fly, but rather becuase, in a deep sense, the ancestors of birds wanted to fly?"

And: "What drives the course of evolution is not the souless lottery of the gene pool, but life's striving for persistence. The striving is driven not by the luck of the lottery, but by a cognitive sense of self, even down to the smallest bacterium, even preceding...the emergence of life itself. A deep intelligence is at work in life, its operation, and its history, and it cannot be denied."