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Thursday, March 9, 2017


I went down to the county court house this past Monday to pay my property taxes (*). Before I could get into the building, I had to go through one of those security kabuki check-points -- empty my pockets into a plastic tray for one of the (supposedly) armed (overweight) middle-aged employees of the county sherrif to send through a scanner while I walked through another.

It's the same thing at the city building, and it has more public entrances.

Multiply this by all (or most) of the public buildings in the USA.

This is leftist "reasoning": rather than just prohibiting Moslems -- who are the hands-down overwhelming perpetrators of terrorism worldwide -- from entering the USA, we must pretend -- at great expense and waste of resources -- that all Americans are potential terrorists.

It's like after the 2000 elections didn't go in the Democrats' favor. The Democrats (i.e. the "Evil Party", controled by leftist haters of America) pretended that the simple paper punch ballots we had been using for decades were "too confusing" (for Democrat voters) ... and so, at great expense and waste of resources, we now have those damned electronic voting stations all over the country, which constantly malfuncion (seemingly always in favor of the Democrats) ... and of which after the 2016 elections didn't go in the Democrats' favor they claimed were "hacked" by the Russians.

It's like the motto of the leftists is, "There is no "problem" that a little (disingenuous) ingenuity can't make worse!"

(*) I have no income, but the tax man will still confiscate my property if I don't pay up. It's like a Mafia thing.