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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Contemptible Coward

This post is to mock the contemptible cowardice of John C. Wright, published science fiction author (*) ... ... and pussified poseur

Check this out --

Explanation follows --

(*) Science fiction author: form your own opinion


chapman55k said...

Was sorry to hear you lost your job and was wondering whether you found something?

Ilíon said...

Welcome to my blog.

Thank you for you sympathetic note. To be bluntly honest ... sigh ... being a procrastinator (as witness this particular unfinished blog post), I haven't even started applying for positions yet.

Ilíon said...

On of my great-nephews (from Indiana, where most of my family is) is a Chapman.

I took him canoing once (Mansfield, OH area). Since he was a minor, I had to fill out some paperwork, listing his name. Reading it, the clerk asked him if he was related to Johnny Appleseed; the poor kid didn't know what she was asking. I don't know whether he hadn't been taught about Johnny Appleseed, or hadn't been taught that his name was John Chapman.

Anonymous said...

I always liked to think I was related to John Appleseed. Our family looked and, sadly, we could find no connection. Good luck on your search--that procrastination thing resonates with me!