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Thursday, March 17, 2016

He was not supposed to die like this

Trigger Warnings: Trevon’s Dilemma: How To Pay For School And Clothing - So far, I haven't been able to watch the video all the way through -- and it's only 2 minutes long.

[edit: the above link no longer works, as Mr Warnings has taken down his site]

This is what "liberalism" has brought us -- and it will only get worse unless the nation repents of all manner of things.

Edit, after having viewed the entire video -

The video presents -- sympathetically (*) -- two entitled black women (**) as being the dead thug's sister and cousin, without identifying which is which. Neither one seems all that choked up about his death, and certainly not at all abashed at how he caused his own death (***).

(*) - Though, I do allow for the possibility that the presentation is intentionally subversive to The Narrative of leftism. At the same time, on a practical level, the clip serves yet another important leftist agenda, which is to increase hostility between the races.

(**) - Now, of course, this sense of entitlement -- I can do to you anything that I want to do, and for you so much as object, to say nothing of trying to thwart me, is a moral offence -- is the thread running through all variants of leftism. It just seems to be especially strong with black chicks.

(***) -- And if you know anything about this sort of black chick, you know that the one yammering on -- all but accusing the (black) woman who justifiably killed him of murder -- might tomorrow have murdered him herself, for no other reason than that she was angry with him about something someone else said he said.

Star Parker: Black Americans and Reagan Ideals -- "The civil rights movement was supposed to be about freedom. The dream, in the words of Dr. King, was "free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last."

Then instead of it being about freedom, it became about payback. It became about government, welfare and diversity as an ideal unto itself.

Black America is stuck in spite mode; not all black Americans, of course, but more than enough to override those who are not. Black America will destroy itself just for the "pleasure" of "sticking it to the man".

Black America needs to repent of its spite, of its hatred, of its littleness, of its willingness to be used as catspaws.


K T Cat said...

Thanks for not posting the link. I don't think I could have handled it. I suppose Trevon could get a job and make a blue collar living, marry his sweetheart and make sure his kids go to college? No? Well forget him, then.

Ilíon said...

"Thanks for not posting the link."

Typo. fixed.

Ilíon said...

"Well forget him, then."

My heart does not bleed. My property has been destroyed -- and my life has been threatened -- by the Trevons and Trevon's-sisters of the world.

Ilíon said...

PS: What do you think are the odds that these two "mourners" weren't all over whatever "social media" they use, excitedly letting everyone they know that they were on TV?

K T Cat said...

OK, I saw the first 8 seconds.

I'm guessing a job was out of the question for Trevon. Well, good on him. He knew what he was getting into, this seems to be one of the options he was willing to accept. I say we go with his instincts and accept it for him as well.