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Monday, February 2, 2015

Feminist Humor!

One of my sisters shared a (feminist, actually) cartoon on Facebook, and I have a comment to make about the (supposed) joke --

In case Gentle Reader's browser is unable to open that Facebook page, here is the joke:
Husband: I'm the MAN of this house, so starting tomorrow I want you to have a hot, delicious mean ready for me the second I walk through that door ... Afterwards, while [I'm] watching ESPN and relaxing in my chair, you'll bring me my slippers and then run my bath ... And when I'm done with my bath, guess who's going to dress me and comb my hair?

Wife: The funeral director.
Sure, the cartoon funny ... but only because either:
1) one has bought into the feminist lie about what being "the man of the house" means and the underlying lie about the relationship(s) between a husband and a wife; or,
2) one understands the lie, even while rejecting it, and thus understands why others think the cartoon so funny.

The truth is, the attitude depicted in, and spread by, this cartoon -- "I'm too good to serve any man (to whom I'm married, or for whom I work)" -- that open-and-continual *hostility* to proper authority when the authority-holder is a man, is precisely why most American women are so miserable (*).

On the other hand, were the guy her "boyfriend" (**), rather than her husband -- that is, rather than being the man who has publicly committed his life and work to serving her and the children who naturally result from the marital union, were he instead just some guy for whom she puts-out .. in the "hope" that putting-out will somehow get him to commit his life and work to serving her ... and who, not being her husband, consequently has no proper authority over her -- she'd be jumping at the opportunity to do all these "demeaning" tasks, and more.

(*) Which misery is, for the real/deliberate feminists, mission accomplished: they hate men and manhood/masculinity, because they hate womanhood/femininity and want to be men themselves. Since they don't want ot be women, and *can't* be men, they've settled for persuading normal women to make themselves (and those around them) miserable.

(**) isn't it just a bit ridiculous to be using the words "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" at that age?


Shackleman said...


I do so love your posts, brother.

Ilíon said...

Thank you, brother (and always remember -- it's *your* fault that I started a blog!)

Shackleman said...

Is it really? I had no idea. Sorry? ;-)

Ilíon said...

To go a bit deeper, there are two groups of people who originally (*) pushed feminism, and its consequence, the so-called "sexual revolution":
1) women who hated the fact that they were women, and hated men because they could not be men, and decided to "get even" with everyone by convincing women to rebel against proper male-authority;
2) men who knew that once most women are rebelling against the proper authority of their fathers (and husbands), those young women become all-but-defenseless to *their* sexual predation of them.

(*) I say "originally" because these days nearly everyone is pushing it -- even most those of those who think they're openly fighting it.

Shackleman said...

Definitely food for thought. As always with your posts.

I suffered in a 15 year marriage to a feminist. (I was a mere 20 when we married...idiot). So I know first hand of what you speak. She was and is a perfect example of your first bullet point.