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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What Women Never Hear

Here is a blog some persons may find of interest -- What Women Never Hear -- I forgotten about this blog (I never carried over my bookmarks when I last switched computers). I was reminded of it just now because Blogger reports that a page-view on my blog originated there.


K T Cat said...

Great find!

Ilíon said...

'Mr Guy' says a lot that makes sense, and that women ... and men ... need to hear/understand.

At the same time, he says things that simply aren't true; it seems to me as buttering-up to his target audience of women. For example, in a recent post, he says "Men live in the present and leave preparation of the future to their women." Not only is this not true, it's the direct opposite of the truth.

Also, he seems to subscribe to the myth that men are naturally promiscuous.

Drew said...

He basically teaches women to manipulate men. Also, he does not seem very concerned with biblical morality.

Ilíon said...

"He basically teaches women to manipulate men."

I think that's partly because his target audience is women ... and that's what women think they want to do; and partly because he subscribes to the common, though erroneous, view that women civilize men.

At the same time, I think his teaching women how to manipulate men subtly teaches women how to manipulate *themselves* into being the sort of women that may be worth a man’s time and investment of his life.

"Also, he does not seem very concerned with biblical morality."

It has been a long time since I read his blog; I don’t recall anything on that issue, one way or the other. Though, perhaps you refer to his, shall we say, “pragmatic” approach to interpersonal (meaning sexual) morality: “Don’t be a slut for the simple reason that it’s wrong, but because the long-term consequence of being one is that you limit the pool of men who are interested in you for more than just using you as a slut.