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Saturday, January 11, 2014


... and cold.

When I got home this morning (Saturday), about 11:00, I discovered that water was flooding most of the first/ground floor from a frozen/burst supply line to one of the upstairs bathrooms.

Based on the fact that my (formerly beautiful) hardwood floors were just beginning to absorb water, and haven't yet warped or buckled, I'm thinking that the flooding was for hours, rather than for days. Shoot! If I had just come home last night, I might have caught it before any real damage.

As it is, much of the drywall in the front rooms of the house will have to be replaced. The antique double doors (they're actually old part of a panel of room-dividers from a church) into the LR are ruined. Many of my books are ruined. Granted, most of them are just science fiction and fantasy novels, but still! My wool carpets (area rugs) are soaked. The carpet in most of the upstairs is warping.

Oh, my! The books on the lower shelf of the bookcase which is pretty much just below the burst pipe have absorbed so much water that I can't get them out.

Just a few minutes ago, I discovered that the motor of the "squirrel cage" furnace-fan has broken loose from one of its three mountings. Thus, the fan is dragging on its housing and cannot turn. So, the furnace is now off ... and it's getting colder outside. I wonder whether the furnace not working properly may have contributed to my little disaster?

I just received word from the insurance agent that the insurance company isn't going to renew my homeowners policy.


planks length said...

My sympathies. My furnace broke down last week, and fortunately I was not out on the road as I frequently am. So my pipes did not burst. (The downside of indoor plumbing - at least in the winter.)

I suggest you check out the comments over on Dangerous Idea under the heading "The pros and cons on same sex marriage". The libertarian/statism issue raising its head there ought to interest you.

Ilíon said...

Hello, 'planks length' (I don't believe I've seen this user-name anywhere), and welcome to my blog.

I am happy for you that you caught your problem before the burst pipes.

A co-worker chided me for not turning off the water -- I tend not to come home except on the weekends, so the house goes unattended for several days at a time.

planks length said...
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