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Sunday, July 14, 2013

'Liberal' 'Morality'

Mark Richards (Oz Conservative): Ch.6 Morality -- this is a long post, and well worth your read.

Though, keep in mind that Mr Richards' desideratum reduces to something very close to fascism, for Mr Richards would subordinate the individual to the group, with the 'group' defined in terms of the ethnos. What I am saying is that, in the end, regardless of his undoubted hatred of leftism, Mr Richards is really a leftist, after all.

Addendum: Now, the thing about the 'ethnos', as about 'society' and even about 'the government', is that it is an anthropomorphic reification: it is a fictional person, but there is no person there, in fact. So, when one tries to reify "the group", so that "the group" may "speak" and subordinate the individual, what one is always doing is trying to subordinate all the individuals of the group to some small number of them.

Boyd Richard Boyd (at 'American Thinker'): The Ethics of Sacrifice, the Politics of Slavery

True conservatism recognizes that the individual and the group both have moral claims on us: that the individual has moral claims on the group, and upon other individuals, and that the group has moral claims on the individual, and upon all individuals. True conservatism is about finding and holding the proper balance between the various absolutisms, any one of which will destroy us, individually or collectively or both. True conservatism can be sought only via morality and justice; ultimately, only via a correct view of man ... and of God.

In the end, everything always comes back to God, which is only to be expected, as God is "the ground of all being" and the origin of all things.

There is an interesting paradox here -- moral absolutists are free to be relativists about everything else, but moral relativists must end up being absolutists about everything ... except, perhaps, sexual activity (*).

(*) and I'm not so sure that, in the end, they must not be absolutists there, too -- Kathy Shaidle has made the cynical and satirical (**) joke that in a few years, the only way that strapping heterosexual men will be able to publically prove they are not closet "homophobes" is to certify that they suck cock. I can see leftism going there ... and all the "liberals" (who are just their sock-puppets, anyway) going right along with them.

(**) 'satirical' in the sense that it's impossible to satirize about what absurdities leftism will toss out, for it always proves your imagination far too limited