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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why 'libertarians' will always side with 'liberals'

Willian A Jacobson (Legal Insurrection): Coulter on Stossel shows foolishness of Fordham’s cancellation -- "The students in the audience were libertarian, sharing many of the social values of modern liberals without the statist oppressiveness."

This is why, when push comes to shove, the "libertarians" will always side with the "liberals". This is why "libertarianism" will always collapse into (what we in the US currently call) "liberalism" -- "libertarianism" *just is* "liberalism" (*), but "liberalism" cannot be successfully promulgated in a society absent statism (**). And statism is the enemy of liberty.

(*) and "liberalism" *just is* inconsistent leftism

(**) or, as I believe it is more accurately put, "but "liberalism" cannot be successfully promulgated against a society absent statism"