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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sengoku Release Trailer

I've bought and quite enjoyed (and have been simultaneously frustrated by) several games from Paradox. I think I'd like this one very much (*) ... but I also think I'll not think about buying it (at least, not for now).

(*) and, after all, 'Ilíocentrism' is "about things Ilíon likes".


Blue Devil Knight said...

I would not have pegged you a gamer Ilion. My favorite five games, with some cheating including multigame series:

1. Uncharted 1-2
2. Portal 1-2
3. Dead Space 1-2
4. Half Life series
5. Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Are any of those on your list?

Ilíon said...

Not a one.

The only sort on my list are "grand strategy" type; things like:
* Civilization II-IV (I liked Civ II best, especially the Midgard mod)
* Master of Orion (I & II; I bought III but haven't really played it)
* Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires (an old Sierra game similar to Civ, but not as good)
* Imperialism I & II
These are the Paradox games I've bought and played:
* Europa Universalis I, II, III (along with most of the expansion packs for III; I generally play the 'Whole World' mod, as I intensely dislike what Paradox did to the map; plus, the Mod makes the entire map playable)
* Crusader Kings I
* Europa Universalis: Rome
* Victoria I

Blue Devil Knight said...

Wow, those are hard-core games. I prefer more mindless games, frankly, the exception being Portal, which you might really like.

Ilíon said...

I don't know about hard-core; they're games that allow one to think and plan.