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Monday, July 11, 2011

Stupid 'Atheist' Tricks I

I've been toying, for months, with the idea of doing a "series" of posts about the amusingly, and amazingly, stupid and/or absurd things that so-called atheists say when they "argue." You know, sort of like "Kids Say the Darndest Things" crossed with "Stupid Pet Tricks." But, it seemed so crass, and so I just never did.

But, today, I saw a "Stupid 'Atheist' Trick" that I just couldn't allow to pass without mocking --

The context is this (Gentle Reader may find the full context here) -- over at Victor Reppert's blog, a 'hopeless' of God-haters (that's the term for a herd of 'atheists', sort of like a "murder of crows") are arguing (snicker) that it's unreasonable to believe that Gods is, or that the fundamental claim of Christianity -- that God raised the Christ back from death to life -- is true, because, you know, "there is no evidence" ... and, in their strange world, the testimony of the people who say that they saw him alive -- physically/bodily alive, not some sort of ghost -- after he was murdered, and who submitted to terrible deaths, which they could easily have escaped merely by denying what they'd said, doesn't count as any sort of evidence. One or two 'theists' are trying the logically impossile task of reasoning with these so-called 'atheists'; the particular point the 'theists' are trying to get across to the 'atheists' is that their tactic of discounting trust in the testimony of others is unsound (for, it is illogical and irrational) ... and, that they, themselves, constantly trust the testimony of others.
Question from a 'theist': "That's the question I'm asking you and DL regarding statistical data and various other facts you spout on this blog. The answer seems mostly to be that you were taught those facts, or you read them somewhere - which ususally is fine, if your reasons are sound.

For example, if you haven't done the experiments, how do you know that F=mA? I've done them. Those that haven't done the experiments are trusting others that it's not really F=mA +C. They likely have good reasons for giving their trust so there's nothing wrong with trusting others.

Answer from an 'atheist': "Because it’s a stated scientific fact, and is not the subject of scientific controversy, and because scientific facts that aren’t the subject of scientific controversy have an awesome track record of staying true."
Evaluation by Ilíon: Sometimes, one does begin to wonder whether one really ought to automatically discount, as one does, massive stupidity as being the reason/cause that so many 'atheists' constantly say so many stupid things. After all, if one allowed that perhaps they really are that stupid, one wouldn't be forced, time and again, to conclude, by a process of elimination of logical possibilities, that they are/tend-to-be intellectually dishonest.

Also, 'grok' this clause separately:
Answer from an 'atheist': "... and because scientific facts that aren’t the subject of scientific controversy have an awesome track record of staying true."
This is how 'atheists' really "think" and "reason" -- one simply *must* put scare-quotes around the words, for that is not an example of, you know, actual reasoning. And, by the way, the "reasoning" I have highlighted here is not the only flawed/false thing about just that one sentence fragment.


SteveK said...

It really boggles the mind.

Ilíon said...

One of these days, I'll get around to posting (on my blog) the rationale which explains why one is compelled by reason itself (and by the love of truth) to conclude that most so-called atheists are not intellectually honest persons with respect to “the God question.”

This is not at all to imply that only 'atheists' are intellectually dishonest, or that the rationale illuminates the behavior only of ‘atheists.’

The whole truth said...

ilion, you're as stupid and gullible as it's possible to be. It's hilarious that you actually believe religious bullshit. I'm sure this will come as a shock to you but your sanctimonious and delusional attitude and beliefs just make you look retarded.

More about you and your fellow IDiots here:

Gugulethu Boy said...

Maybe Christians are deluded or maybe not, but certainly an atheist has to be deluded to think posting anything or creating blogs makes sense in the light of evolutionary psychology, materialistic theories of the mind and complete lack of any purpose for his/her existence.

Ilíon said...

Exactly GB. That is one of the reasons I say there are vanishing few real atheists in the world -- a *real* atheist knows (*) that if atheism is the truth about the nature of reality, then nothing at all matters, including being right about the nature of reality.

(*) At the same time, a real atheist would also know that were atheism the truth about the nature of reality, then he couldn't actually know anything. Thus, knowing this and knowing that he does know things, he'd logically conclude that atheism simply cannot be true.

Welcome, by the way, to my lettle blog.

Ilíon said...

I wonder if The-truth-is-not-in-him is smart enough to understand that if he leaves any more of his droppings on my blog, I shall delete it without even reading it.