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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Big Lie and The Big Truth

Recently, Lawrence Auster had a thread in which one of his readers coined the phrase and concept "the Big Truth" on the model of, or as a back-formation of, "the Big Lie." As that reader, Philip M, put it: "... And I think on some level people, particularly conservatives, know this, and it is the enormity of the crime that scares them into remaining silent; otherwise they would be exposing an ongoing left-wing takeover of our entire lives, and then what? Fight? Perhaps you could call it the "Big Truth." A truth so frightening that people dare not admit even the possibility of it?"

Or, as Mr Auster summarized the differences: "What's the difference between the Big Lie and the Big Truth? The Big Lie is a lie so big that it is believed. The Big Truth is a truth so big that it is disbelieved."

Mr Auster has a further post on the matter, in which the reader Bill W gives a Christian perspective on the Big Lie and the Big Truth.