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Monday, February 8, 2010


For once, I have thought of an amusing turn-about before Kathy Shaidle did!

In her 'Sarah Palin's Redneck Teleprompter' post about how some "liberal" bloggers (and columnists, no doubt) are trying to equate Palin's cribbing some notes on her palm with the Teleprompter Kid's dependence on his TelePrompTer, Kathy Shaidle links to the Small Dead Animals blog postof the same title (in which SDA juxtaposes a video of the TK in non-action with a photo of Palin's hand), saying "Damn, wish I'd thought of that!"

My first thought on reading about the "Palm-gate" ;) flap is that Palin ought to start out a speech (this would be especially funny were she directly debating alleged-President Obama at the time) by joking, "I, too, have brought my TelePrompTer" and then simply displaying her palm.

Also, slightly off-topic, had I written Palin's GOP convention speech, in which she compared being a small-town mayor to being a "community organizer" -- except with actual responsibilities -- I'd have turned that around and said rather, "... Being a small-town mayor is sort of like bring a 'community organizer' -- except without the responsibilities


Mrs Pilgrim said...

Hi, Ilion! I wanted to say something about your comments to Vox's blog about "Game", but I'm feeling rather sniffy about some of the treatment I got a while back...

Still, I thought to let you know that I really appreciate your taking up for women, and your principled stand.

I'll be looking around your blog here for a while. Looks pretty interesting!

Ilíon said...

Thank you so much, and welcome to my dusty little corner of the blogosphere. I hope my mostly unread blog (I have only one reader, whom I refer to as 'Gentle Reader,' if even that many! ;) ) is interesting enough that you come back regularly. Better yet, I hope I am interesting enough that you are inclined to comment here; I find your comments on Vox's blog to be insightful and well worth reading.

Though, perhaps I should point out that I don't see myself as "taking up for women" -- and some women seem to have decided (wrongly!) that I despise women (*) -- or, in another context, as "taking up for men," so much as taking up for Christianity and for real morality and seriousness about morality, and for fairness and reason. Those posturing little boys at Vox's blog are not serious about morality -- they want the freedom (which was never in question) and the moral-approval (which can never be had) to chase skirts, while still holding themselves to be "good men" who deserve a good woman ... someday.

(*) Be assured, I don't expect you or anyone else to try to follow the devolution of the discussion in that linked thread; it's posted only as FYI.

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

*gets curious*

*checks google reader*

You've got two other subscribers besides me on google reader alone, so there's that!

Ilíon said...


I have no idea how to check Google reader (or even what that means).

How is Kit?

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

When you're subscribed to an RSS feed, you can click on "show details" and it tells you average posts per week, and how many google reader folks are subscribed.

She's missing her dad-- Elf is over on the coast, so she seems to be worried I'll vanish, too. I've been able to set her down for probably a total of two hours this week.... She's strong, happy (as long as I'm there!) and healthy as a horse!

Thanks for asking.

Mrs Pilgrim said...

Thank you, Ilion! I think you've just said what I've been thinking lately, about guys who want the benefits of feminism without its detriments.

I've put you on my bookmarks list, for sure. In between loads of laundry and flash-card sessions with the kids, I try to visit places that interest me. This place interests me.

...Laundry time!

Ilíon said...

Mrs Pilgrim,
I see from your profile that you make a point of pointing out that you don't believe in astrology and that sort of thing. Myself, I refuse even to acknowledge that I know what I'm being asked if someone asks my "sign" (and, if they were then to ask my birthdate, I'd not tell it). It's never happened, but I had sort of decided that were I being badgered about it, I'd finally say that my "sign" is the Cross.

AWA said...

Was wondering when the conversations over at the Vox page would turn south of cheese on that issue. Other than a handful of folks, is hard to pin down who is exactly for what there.

Ilíon said...

AWA, it has long seemed to me that the majority of them (including perhaps Vox himself) wish to have it be both ways, in the manner I described in my first post to Mrs Pilgrim.

Ilíon said...

I just noticed that this thread is the 100th on this blog. And we all missed the party!

MK said...

"I, too, have brought my TelePrompTer"

Yeah, that would have been a good one.