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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Naming The Beast

Michael Coren names the beast:

Things have become positively absurd when in ordinary, civil discourse we cannot call a Lutheran a Lutheran or refer to an outrage committed by Lutherans when an outrage has quite clearly been committed by followers of Luther in the name of Luther.

Let us consider just the past two weeks. On Christmas Day, for example, one Lutheran with alleged connections to organized Lutheran groups attempted to blow up an airliner and send hundreds of innocent men, women and children to their deaths.


Thank goodness he was too incompetent to carry out the awful deed, but because of the actions of this, Lutheran airports all over the world will be forced to spend millions of dollars, that could otherwise go to social programs, on security personnel and paraphernalia.

In Yemen, the British and American embassies have had to close down because they are in too great a danger of being attacked by Lutheran fanatics intent on slaughter. Yemen is rapidly becoming ungovernable because of Lutheran extremism and thousands of people have been killed or exiled because of their actions. Lutheran militants have told the ancient Jewish community in the country, one that predates the very foundation of Lutheranism, to leave or be killed.

In Pakistan, a Lutheran suicide bomber drove his car into a crowd watching a volleyball game and murdered more than a hundred people enjoying a day out watching a sporting event. Body parts of children were scattered all over the field for hours after the explosion.

In Afghanistan, a Lutheran militant killed a Canadian journalist and four Canadian soldiers.

These casualties were just the latest in a bitter, bloody litany of people killed in the name of fundamentalist Lutheranism, many of them women and aid workers trying to improve the lives of ordinary people.

In Iran, people protesting against the excesses of a Lutheran theocratic government were beaten and killed and many are, as we speak, being tortured in prisons by Lutheran thugs. Lutheran Iran has the second highest execution rate in the world and, for its population size, the highest by far.

Another attempt

In Denmark, an axe-carrying Lutheran tried to break into the home of an elderly cartoonist who had drawn a picture of Martin Luther some years ago that had offended many Lutherans. The police arrested the man, who was merely the latest Lutheran to have been charged with offences concerning the life of the cartoonist.

Just two ordinary and typical weeks and this does not include the daily arrests, acts of intolerance and discrimination, hateful propaganda and brutality, failed terror attacks and the like from Lutheran individuals and Lutheran states.

But we must be careful not to engage in Lutheranophobia because that is the worst, most horrible, awful, nasty, smelly crime in the history of the world and almost everybody who criticises Lutheranism and Lutherans in any way is guilty of it.

Yet in the name of the Prophet Satire, peace be upon him, we surely have to speak out now before it is too late to do so. It's already sometimes dangerous and even illegal but, as Luther himself said, here I stand for I can do no other.

Of course (and as I am sure Mr Coren knows), the real beast, the one that really endangers us, is not "Lutheranism," but is rather the leftism and "liberalism" (*) which intends the destruction of Western cultures/societies and polities and of the over-arching Western civilization.

(*) What we these days call "liberalism" has at best a tenuous connection with historical liberalism. Modern "liberalism" is merely an inconsistent leftism; and while leftism continuously asserts its great Love For Man, it hates men.