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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ladies, Please!

Ladies (and I use the term advisedly), please! You probably *don't* have the figure to successfully pull off dressing like a 7-year-old girl. And you most certainly do not have the attributes for going out about without underwear

My favorite comment was:
"I see London, I see France ... Damn! I wish I'd seen her underpants!"

My second favorite comment was:
"I’m beginning to think that the ONLY time anyone wears underwear to Wal-Mart is when that’s all they’re wearing."

Seriously, now (whichever your sex). You're not seven years old. Stop acting like you are.


MathewK said...

Wish i hadn't clicked on that, damn that's nasty!

Ilíon said...

Yes, it was nasty. That's why I changed my original posting/link from something like "going like this" to "going out about without underwear" -- to give Gentle Reader warning.