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Monday, July 20, 2009

Drink the Kool Aid

Hey There Obama (Drink the Kool Aid) (this is a 3:39 video mocking Obama-worship)


Wakefield Tolbert said...

Off topic, I know.

But then, for a coffee break here and moving away from Things Obama, which yes is vile but then we both need a break, I defended you

Hope I'm not off base.

Just a heads up.

Sorry, I just couldn't leave well enough alone, even if BR did at this point of the writing.

Ilíon said...

No, it's not off base and I appreciate it.

I've been busy in real-life -- I'm building a roof over the patio to keep water out of the gravel and sand under the patio surface, so that the water doesn't freeze in the winter and continue pushing out on the retaining wall and thus destroy the patio -- and so I've barely been online for a couple of weeks.

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