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Monday, June 15, 2009

LEAVE David Letterman ALONE!

Concerning the current (as of 2008/06) brouhaha over David Letterman's "joke" about the Palins --

Slightly tongue in cheek, I had thought about composing a rant in the manner of this (disgusting -- if you've seen it once you'll probably not care to see it again) video: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

Here, by the by, is an amusing send-up of the above: Leave Chris Crocker Alone!

Now, as any reasonably intelligent and informed person realizes, Letterman's joke was referring to Bristol (the 18 year-old -- who *did* get herself knocked-up), not to Willow (the 14 year-old, who didn't).

And, tasteless though the joke was, it was actually more about Eliot Spitzer and "A-Rod" than about the Palins.

So, in a way -- and even though he probably wouldn't realize it -- Letterman was savaging what his own "liberalism" has done and is doing to our common shared life as a nation.

But ya' know, when it comes down to it, I just can't work up the indignation to seeing "liberals" treated to their own preferred medicine. Sure, I'd much prefer that conservatives never behave in the degraded (and degrading) manner of which "liberals" seem to be so fond. But I understand human nature well enough to know that what goes around comes around -- sometimes, the only lesson people will accept about their erroneous behavior is to experience the full consequences of it.


Chuck said...

Looks like top conservatives have an equal problem with morality.

I'd say banging your staff when you are the fourth rated conservative in the country is a heck of a lot more ethically eggregious than telling an unfunny joke.

Oh by the way, I don't know what I find more amusing, your idiocy or your pretension.

I read your blog and all I can think of is that I am witnessing the inner workings of the mind of a virgin. Get laid my good man. Hell, you can't say a good romp is only the purview of the "liberalist" society.

Ilíon said...

Don't leave any more of your droppings here; I'll delete them.