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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What is that?

This is a five minute video (in Greek with English subtitles) which is well worth the watching: What is that?


Shackleman said...

5 stars

cathy said...

I've been thinking of how a small thing can be a great blessing... My mom's had some noticeable deterioration in the last several months, and there are times she'll forget something that's been said -- even several times -- right away. It makes me a little frantic inside, but I'll close my eyes for a second and think of this beautiful little film, and it's very... steadying.

So, thank you.

Ilíon said...

Yes, it's a powerful little film ... though, it does have a defect that may not (or may) ring true to human psychology; I refer to the father sending the son to get the journal after he blows up. Whether it rings true kind of depends of whether we imagine a back-story, in which the son is always impatient and self-centered and the father is here deliberately trying to teach him a lesson.

The same lesson/point might have been put in a self-contained film (I mean, one for which we don’t have to invent a back-story) in which the son is reading his father’s journal after his father’s funeral and after reading the passage we see the connection between the two events. But, of course, with his father dead, he couldn’t apologize to him for his impatience.