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Sunday, August 24, 2014

On Chesterton's great idiocy

John C. Wright: Distributionism vs Plutoyperetonism -- this could have been written by me; except, of course, that Mr Wright is a better, and more disciplined, writer than I am.

The 'distributionism' and (most of) the 'social teaching' of The One True Bureaucracy that so many Catholics are so enamored of (note, Mr Wright is himself Catholic) is just socialism ... and statist slavery ... with a differnet mask than it wore in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.

Baptizing socialism doesn't make it Christian and doesn't remove its need to destroy its host society (and the lives of the people) in order to power the short-term illusion that it's finally(!) working.

What we call 'captialism' and/or 'the free market' *just is* the inevitable outworking of freedom and morality grounded in Biblical religion. To hate 'free-market capitalism', as so many Catholics who like to think themselves intellectuals do, and as most of their prelates do (with a vegence), is to hate human liberty ... and Christianity.