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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sartorially Inappropriate

I've seen several references to this incident -- New Jersey vet says military T-shirt led to denied entry at Six Flags amusement park -- which leads to an observation/comment:

Some years ago -- right out in public (*) -- a saw a guy walking around with a tee-shirt on which was printed a life-size photo (***) of a guy performing auto-fellatio (**). What do you think are the odds that Six Flags would deny him entry?

(*) not in San Francisco, not at some parade of perversion, but at a computer show at which anyone might being children

(**) Talk about an education! Who would have thought of that? Who would have thought it possible?

(***) Two photos, actually. On the back of the shirt was a photo of the far too nimble guy taken from behind, and on the front was a picture taken not from behind. As I said, talk about an education.