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Friday, August 29, 2014

W'allah w'allah bing-bang

The nonsense phrase "Walla walla bing-bang", along with constant references to WallawallaWashington, is something I remember from watching Alvin anf the Chipmumks and Rocky and Bullwinkle in my in my long-ago childhood.

The equally nonsensical phrase "W'allah w'allah bing-bang" is my memory of "Walla walla bing-bang" ... turned into a mockery of Moslems, asses waving in the air (*), chanting their devoted slavery to the demon Allah.

Laura Rosen Cohen: National Post: Converting To Islam Might Save Your Disgusting Infidel Heads But Hey Probably Not, Kufar

As Mrs Cohen points out, the National Post article is not only disgusting on multiple levels, but is also intellectually dishonest. For, the shahadah is not *simply* "a Moslem prayer (that might save your life)"; it is not *simply* "a testimony to the identity of Allah as the one true God, and Muhammad as his prophet". It is, rather, a declaration that one is a Moslem ... if one is not a Moslem, to recite the shahadah converts one to Islam ... from which the real Moslems will not allow one to deconvert, on pain of death.

But then, anyone who would recite the shahadah attempting to convince the neck hackers to turn their attentions to someone else rather deserves to die, don't you think?

I am a Christian, not a Jew (one has to go back a few generations to find the Jews in my ancestry), but I approvingly quote Mrs Cohen, quoting Daniel Pearl before he was murdered by Moslems specifically because they were Moslems and he was a Jew and an American: "'My father's Jewish, my mother's Jewish, I'm Jewish,'"

(*) kind of makes you suspect the reason sodomy is so popular amongst Moslems.