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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Talk about not having eyes to see

Here is a comment made on Mr Wright's blog that I wish to share -- Comment by BobTanaka
I hate to be a damper, but I really want to know: how are we certain this is the Consecrated Host? Is it possible that the Satanists kept the real Host and gave back an unconsecrated one in its place? We’re obviously not dealing with honorable or honest men here.

Does anyone know?
Indeed: how does one distinguish the alleged physical body of Christ, that is, the alleged (actual) meat and blood of the consecrated elements (*) from mere bread and wine that hasn't been consecrated?

(*) I mean the physical thing which is asserted to actually become by consecration the actual flesh and blood of the Christ, rather than the mystical Body of Christ, which is the Communion of All Saints, of all the Redeemed throughout all history past and yet to be.

Just in case it's not clear: I can rejoice with the Catholics that the Host was recovered and that the Satanists promise to not filch one again ... because it's important to them ... while still believing that the whole raft of their beliefs attached to the Sacrements (and priests and prelates) is absurd and, indeed, anti-Christian.


B. Prokop said...


How can you say this when Jesus Himself tells us we must (literally) eat His flesh and drink His blood in order to have life within us?

B. Prokop said...


You really need to read this link and this one carefully. (follow up to my last comment)

Ilíon said...

Might I suggest some reading for you?

For example/starters: this and this (and use your mind ... by which I mean try to avoid the stupidity so many Catholics employ so as to deflect the sting of the command) and this (ditto).

And, if you really want to do some thinking, try this