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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just two examples

Here are just two recent examples illustrating the fact that the various elements of the leftist coalition will *never* be satisfied, and will *never* leave you alone ... until you bow to their god (who is themselves).

Doughy Dispute: Atheist Group Threatens Lawsuit Over Church Discount

Host a same-sex wedding on your property or pay a $13,000 fine

Moreover, *you*, Mr and Mrs America, enable this leftist cultural warefare against your own future, because you implicitly accept their premises and you constantly give way to their cynical hypocrisy.

Here is 'the Gay Patriot' commenting on the $13,000 fine for declining to host a "gay" "wedding" -- Wedding Cake Fascists Strike Again

My point with my comments to Nick below is to agree with him (and possibly extend what he means) that these continuously out-cropping outrages are not really about "religionus liberty", but are, rather, far more basic than that: the real issue is freedom of association ... concerning which the "conservatives" surredered to the leftists 60 years ago (which is before I and most of you were even born).


Nick said...

Leftists hate liberty.

Nick said...

...and freedom of association.

Ilíon said...

Unfoftunately, almost everyone who thinks himself conservative also hates the latter (for he accepts the leftists' false premises). This is why they fall back to the "free exercise" clause of the First Amendment (totall ignoring the Ninth's explicit statement that our rights are innumerable) in the vain attempt to stave off the tyrranical demad that some persons be forced to serve the sersonal-as-political demands of another.

"But, but, but! If *just anyone* is allowed at his own discression to decline to provide his services to whomever he wishes not to serve ... why, why, why! Lunch-counters!!!"

Pshaw! Trained seals.

Ilíon said...

... and since they will not properly defend the latter, since they will not just tell the leftists to sod off, they will not defend the former.

Ilíon said...

Starting here (and going back to the OP) is an example of what I'm talking about. 'Jordan' would rather maintain the leftist-and-atheist misinterpretation of the First Amendment -- for that misinterpretation and misapplication empowers atheists to use the federal government to silence and/or compel Christians to violate their consciences -- than work to perserve his own liberty .... and life.