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Sunday, May 24, 2015

It's not about cakes

It's not about cakes (or pizzas), and it's not about wedding bands, and it's not about "equality", and it's cerainly not about tolerance (that's so old-school, anyway). It's about forcing you to approve the perversions by which they choose to define themselves: So, a couple of Canadian sexual perverts (*) walk into a jewelers

(*) is "Canadian" and "sexual pervert" a redundancy, as I've seen some (jokingly) claim?

Douglas Wilson: A Mound of Pink Cotton Balls


K T Cat said...

That was pretty mind-blowing to me, not that it happened, but that no one cares if it did.

Welcome to the National Socialist Sodomites Party. You are a member, aren't you?

Ilíon said...

Exactly. It never was about tolerance -- society has tolerated persons afflicted with homosexual desire since just this side of forever; all society asked was not to be forced to think about what was involved.

B. Prokop said...

Is anyone mapping out the catacombs? Perhaps stocking up a few MREs?

Ilíon said...

You know that no one is doing any such thing. Nearly everyone is telling themselves, "Oh! It will never come to that!" even though *that* is precisely what the logic of the situation demands it come to, and even though countless examples in history demonstrate that it can, indeed, come to that, and that it *always* comes to that when the people who control the men with swords/guns hate Christ.

Ilíon said...

I've added the link to a recent piece by Douglas Wilson that you all may find helpful to understand what is going on.