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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Testing the waters

Gentle Reader may (or may not) know that I had "predicted", maybe about a year ago, that given current trends, the time would come -- I gave it five to ten years -- when the only way one could "prove" that one is not "homophobic" (especially if one is an attractive younger man) is to perform fellatio on demand.

Apropos to this -- I turned on the TV in my hotel room last night. Flipping through the dial, I briefly landed on Conon O'Brien's show. He and his side-kick (both of them) were miming and joking about giving a "hand job" to someone else. That didn't just happen, of course: it was scripted. That was their marching-orders for that evening's "entertainment".

How soon do you think it will be before "entertainers" are miming "giving head" on the talk shows?

Edit 2015/05/08:
On further reflection, I expect that Daniel Tosh of "Comedy" Central has already, at least once, mimed "giving head" on his show. The Moon didn't fall from the sky, so it's all good. Right?

This link doesn't play on this computer (likely an IE problem), but here is the episode in which Conan and Sidekick mime "churning butter" (as they were calling it for the "joke") Conan 2015/05/05


Nick said...

Things get worse every day, then again, I've pretty much thought that since the 1970s.

Nick said...

Morally worse, I should clarify, because obviously advances in other areas have at the same time made the world a better place.

K T Cat said...


K T Cat said...

Some linky love has been thrown your way.

Anonymous said...

We slowly turn back to the paganism where sex was done like animals, often in public and in view of other people.

May God have mercy on our civilization!

Vox Maximus

Ilíon said...

Hello, Voxmaximus. Welcome to my little blog.

With respect to the ancient pagans:
1) *we* know better than to do such things; what it going on today is a deliberate rejection of our 1500 years of Christian civilization;
2) the ancient pagans did the things they did -- including sometimes killing their own children -- with the magical goal of getting more children; the perversities people are doing today -- including killing their own children -- are done with the goal of having no children.

Our present-day "liberal" culture is more suicidal than the ancients.

Ilíon said...

B.Prokop (somewhere else) "I would defer to experts on First Century life to decide just how noteworthy was Peter's possession of a sword. I was always struck by the disciples telling Jesus "Look, here are two swords!" as though that might be something remarkable. But remarkable in what context? Are they proudly showing Jesus that they were (erroneously) "thinking ahead" - anticipating what they thought He was about to tell them?"

Did you forget that Jesus *told* them to "sell your cloaks and buy swords". Apparently, all their cloaks were worth two swords.